5 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Timeline

How long do we need to allow for preparation shots?

This depends on if you’d like both of you photographed before you get to the ceremony site and how far apart your locations are. I like to allow at least 60 – 90 minutes with the girls and then 30 – 60 minutes with the guys, then add on travel time if you will be spread out. If you would like to save a little time I am happy to photograph the guys at the ceremony site, and would meet with them 1 hour before the ceremony start time so we are finished in time for them to greet guests and your celebrant.

How long will our wedding photos take?

I suggest you allow at least 20 minutes after your ceremony to soak it all up and greet all your excited guests. This is the first time they have been able to speak to you both together and are dying to have a chance to tell you how happy they are for you. When you are wrapping up with your guests I will check in and see if you are ready to head to location shots. It is always up to you as it is your special day, I’m just there to capture it for you! Location shots, also known as bridal party pics take 1 – 2 hours. I like to have 3 different locations with different looks eg beach, greenery, building. If we are driving and parking this always takes longer than if we are staying all in the one location. Remember that you will have different shoes on and won’t be as quick on your feet as you normally are!

What about the reception timings?

Most venues will have a preferred order and suggest how long it will take their team to serve and clear your meals. Just remember you can always mix things up –have speeches as soon as everyone has sat down, or cut the cake as soon as you enter. In general it works well to go straight from the last speeches into cake cutting into first dance. If you are planning a Daddy Daughter dance you can do this anytime, even after the first set of speeches. Just remember that other’s speeches may be longer than they initially said they would be!

How long should I allow for Magnetic Shots?

In general we can shoot and print about 80 – 100 magnets per hour. So for up to 100 guests we recommend 2 – 3 hours. I am happy to switch between wedding photography and magnet photography as you will probably have your reception formalities spread throughout your reception. We generally do Magnetic Shots once the meal has started and everyone is seated, so approximately 7 – 10pm. 

What happens if we are running late and you are due to finish? 

Almost all weddings run at least a little late! It is often not the couple that is late but with so many people involved most receptions run at least half an hour late. I recommend you allow a few lots of 10-15 minutes left as “spare time” throughout the day and worse case you will just have a moment of peace and quiet! I will always discuss with you in advance what you’d like to do if I am due to finish and you are still having speeches or haven’t finished reception formalities.

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