Meet a Wedding Industry Legend… introducing Studio C

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

I love working in the wedding industry for quite a few reasons. My customers are always happy and excited to see me – who wouldn’t be excited when it comes to wedding dress fittings!! Being able to bring my unique and specialised skillset to everyone that walks through the door is wonderfully fulfilling. 

What is your favourite part of what you do?

There’s nothing quite like the smile on a brides’ face as she sees her wedding dress come to life! Usually around the second or third fitting, when the dress really starting to look like the brides’ vision, and the wedding day is getting closer, is a fantastic time in any wedding dress making experience. There’s lace, silk/satin, family, and always champagne to go with every occasion! 

Can you tell us about a memorable wedding?

Every wedding is memorable, just as every customer is unique. I’ve recently been asked to create a red wedding gown which is going to be very spectacular; while another customer is asking me to redesign her grandmothers wedding gown to suit her. I’ll also never forget the first wedding dress I made, and the nerves at cutting such beautiful fabrics. It’s now all in a days work, but there’s always the “measure twice, cut once” checks before commencing! 

Do you have a speciality? 

I pride myself on the ability to fit and flatter any body shape. I don’t conform to social media and blogs saying ‘You’re x body shape so you have to wear y style of gown’… what do YOU want to wear? What do YOU love, and hate about any particular style? Working out what is going to make each bride happiest is something I really love to do. My other great skill comes from my love of vintage and heirloom gowns – I often get asked to restyle a brides mothers, or grandmothers, wedding dress to be worn again. Not many people have the skills or patience to work with older fabrics, lovingly pulling them apart, and the ability to work with whats in front of you to create something new and wonderful. 

Where are you based and how can clients contact you?

Studio C Bridal is in Adamstown, suburban Newcastle. There’s always plenty of parking, and being in a central location makes it easy for everyone to find and access. I can be connected with through my website, or via

My social media accounts on Instagram are @studiocbridal for the finished products and @studioc.textileworkspace for behind the scenes and work in progress. I strongly recommend booking in ahead of time to avoid disappointment, and I can only be with one customer at a time. 

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